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The King’s Connection with God

The King’s Connection with God

How did religion and God influence the King's music?

Few stories have explored how The King turned to God as he realized his life was ending. During his final night on earth, he sat alone at his piano and performed for God, singing Gospel songs.
No one knows if The King knew his death was imminent at the time, but The King, The Final Hours, explores the artistic thoughts that likely went through his mind as he realized life was ending.

The Best New Off Broadway Shows in 2018

This is the first Off-Broadway or Broadway play on the King’s life, taking an interpretive look at what went through his mind on August 16th, 1977, and how he reflected on his life.
Many scenes in The King, The Final Hours explore how the King was influenced by his religious upbringing. In one interpretive scene, the King reflects on his childhood when his Mother gave him his first guitar and told him to use it for God's glory. \
Another spiritual scene interprets the moments before his appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, praying to God with his Mother.
Throughout his life, the King cited his influence of growing up in the church environment as a major factor that shaped his music.
When you come to see The King, The Final Hours in October at The Producer’s Club Theater, you’ll get to see what the King saw and felt during his final hours...and the conversations he had with God on that last day.
What will you feel in your final hours? You’ll ask that question and more during what’ll be the best Off-Broadway play to hit New York this fall.
By: Sean Vichinsky

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