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Last Minute Tickets for Off Broadway

Last Minute Tickets for Off Broadway

Looking for Last Minute Tickets to Off-Broadway

Getting seats to an Off Broadway play usually requires planning in advance, but there's still time to purchase tickets to The King, The Final Hours. It debuts on October 17th in NYC.
In the meantime, if you're looking for last minute tickets for an Off-Broadway play, here are four Off Broadway plays you can get tickets to right now!


Still recovering from her ex-husband’s engagement to a much younger woman, Jodi Isaac turns to her famous fashion-designer dad for support. Instead of finding solace and comfort, she finds him wrapped up in his West Village apartment with 20-year old Trey, who’s not necessarily gay - but definitely an adult film star. The next available showtime is July 31st, and tickets can be purchased here.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

A barber who was wrongly imprisoned for years by a corrupt judge returns to England seeking revenge - a revenge so murderous, he turns his victims into meat pies with his accomplice, Mrs. Lovett. The show will be available until August 26th, and you can watch it this week by purchasing tickets here.

Black Sparta

Inspired by the Dahomey Amazons, all-female military regiment, the play begins in 1832 - thirty years after the transatlantic slave trade has been virtually at end. France has already taken over apart of Dahomey, and they’ve made it very clear they want more. Their invasion is unwelcomed and the Dahomeans are ready to retaliate. Interested in seeing the play this weekend? Tickets are available this Saturday and Sunday!

Black Angels Over Tuskegee

Six African American men struggle through the Jim Crow era and emerge with distinction as the first African-American pilots in the US Army Air Forces. Their inspiring sense of brotherhood, intelligence and courageous patriotism propel a dream into flight while fighting both social and military wars. You can purchase tickets for this weekend or upcoming week here.

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