Theatrical Play - The King, The Final Hours

Scenes from our first public reading of The King, The Final Hours.




His Early Years

Imagine being in a car with The King as he drives across county lines to his next outdoor concert. Here's a historic scene that took place in the South - courtesy from the reading, The King, The Final Hours.


The first phone call from Sun Records

Listen to the phone call that turned him into The King. A reading from the upcoming play, The King, The Final Hours.


The King Meets the Colonel

The Colonel is credited with turning the boy from a regional act into The King. Here is the true story of the Colonel approaching Elvis for the first time, trying to sell him on switching managers. Reading from The King, The Final Hours.


His first radio interview before he was The King

He's about to be interviewed on radio for the first time. What did the DJ and future King discuss before their radio debut? Listen to their conversation.


The King Leaves Germany - Last night

It's the last night before The King leaves Priscilla behind in Germany. Will their love story continue? Here's a scene from our theatrical play reading that takes you back to that emotional night as The King said goodbye.

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