Act 2


The King and An Margret for the first time.

Could it be possible that the King actually found his soulmate?

Conflicted Love - Where does the heart go?

Where will their new love go now that their movie, Viva Las Vegas is over? The King and Ann Margret discuss their love for each other.

The Conflicted Love with Ann Margret

The King is discovering there's a safe love and a dangerous love. He contemplates his choices with Ann Margret

The King and Colonel Discuss Movies

The Colonel tries to get the King back into movies.

A Satellite Tour for the King

 The Colonel brings a new idea to the King. It's a satellite tour, which has never been done in a concert.

An Aging Career

Five years later, the King looks at himself in the mirror and discovers he is mortal. He's overweight and losing fans. How does he respond?

The Final Hours for the King

 The King discusses his life and choices in his final hours with Ann Margret.

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