The Story

This jukebox musical is an unauthorized, unfiltered and artistic interpretation of what went through the King’s mind during his final hours on earth. This is the first Off Broadway or Broadway performance to explore the King’s final hours on earth as he reflects on his life, failures and former loves.
This play is a love story at the root. The King was in love with two women at the same time. One was a safe love; the other a risk. Priscilla - a teenager; Ann Margret - the biggest movie star of the day. Of course, he could only have one. In his final hours, he revisits his time with them and reflects on what could have been.
The King defined music for an entire generation. Fans will also hear some of the King's most popular songs that he performed in his prime. What choices will stay with you in your final hours?
Following the show, the playwright will engage in Q&A with the audience for this limited preview run. This play is not affiliated with Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Meet the cast


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