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2018 July Archive | The King, The Final Hours

Monthly Archives: July 2018

The Best Off-Broadway Jukebox Musical for Tourists

Off-Broadway Options for Tourists Theater in New York is a major tourist attraction, with shows both On Broadway and Off Broadway attracting theatergoers from the entire globe. Yet despite this massive entertainment draw, The King, The Final Hours is the first ever production in this sphere to portray the final hours of the iconic 20th…
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Last Minute Tickets for Off Broadway

Looking for Last Minute Tickets to Off-Broadway Getting seats to an Off Broadway play usually requires planning in advance, but there's still time to purchase tickets to The King, The Final Hours. It debuts on October 17th in NYC. In the meantime, if you're looking for last minute tickets for an Off-Broadway play, here are…
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From Bed-Stuy to Broadway – The Jukebox Musical Story

An Actor and Playwright Come Together in Brooklyn New York residents from all five boroughs can come see The King, The Final Hours when it hits the Off-Broadway stage in October. The Off-Broadway production does, however, carry significant influence from one specific borough: Brooklyn. The Off-Broadway jukebox musical’s influence can be traced back to the…
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The 6 Degrees of Separation to Elvis

How Every Living Artist is Connected to Elvis You probably heard of 6 degrees of separation. It's a belief that every living person is six or fewer steps connected to each other. In simple terms, "a friend of a friend of a friend..." will connect people together. Today, every artist is connected to Elvis Presley…
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Relive your Best Teenage Memories on Broadway

The King, The Final Hours brings alive memories from your teenage years Fans spanning across multiple generations grew up with The King’s music and watched him live on TV, but over the decades his fans have forgotten those experiences that shaped their teenage years in the 20th century. The King, The Final Hours, the new…
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The King’s Connection with God

How did religion and God influence the King's music? Few stories have explored how The King turned to God as he realized his life was ending. During his final night on earth, he sat alone at his piano and performed for God, singing Gospel songs. No one knows if The King knew his death was…
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Top 5 Off Broadway Shows You Must See in NYC

What are the best Off-Broadway shows in NYC? Many people know The King of Rock n’ Roll, but few know the battles and internal conflicts he struggled with during his lifetime. Previous documentaries and theatrical programs have always portrayed the charismatic, positive side of the handsome entertainer. But, rarely do fans see the vulnerable side…
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Meet the Cast: Priscilla

Samantha Haviland is a proud NorCal native and a graduate of Hofstra University with a BFA in Performance. Some of her favorite roles to date include Ophelia in “Hamlet,” Charlotta in “The Cherry Orchard,” and Medea. Samantha would like to thank her friends, family, and coffee for giving her strength. Watch this Shakespearean actress and…
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